FULI+ is a high-quality aesthetic carpet customization platform that combines contemporary advanced technology with traditional craftsmanship.


With years of industry advantages and the strength of the parent company, FULI+ works closely with many international artists and designers to launch boutique aesthetic carpets which are suitable for global consumers. You can directly choose your favorite original or artist/designer-collaboration carpets from the massive product library of FULI+ platform and then place your order. More importantly, you can also choose the one-stop customized services provided by FULI+: free design, style switching, specified materials and craftsmanship, custom samples and after-sales service at home. The unique online customization tools of FULI+ include advanced real-time 3D rendering function, allowing you to experience realistic stereoscopic effects from color, materials to craftsmanship without leaving your home. This function can realize what you see is what you get.


Based on the woven carpet business, FULI+ will continue to expand its full range of boutique home furnishings to meet the comprehensive needs of global consumers for aesthetic products.

High End Materials

FULI+’s woven carpets always use top materials and top technology to create unique pieces of woven art. In addition to using premium silk and imported Australian wool, we also boldly use various special materials, such as linen, cotton ribbon, special wool, as well as rare and cross-border materials like crystal, pearls, metal flakes, bronze, peacock feathers, and feathers. We combine them with carpets to create groundbreaking works.

Handicraft & Innovation

FULI+'s fabric products combine the cut-loop-pile structure of traditional woven blanket with the combination of different pile heights and different structures, giving carpets more rich changes. We always regard innovation as our brand’s gene and have established an exclusive department since 2004. We continuously invest in independent design research and production, creating a comprehensive material system.

Cooperative enterprise