1. Avoid excessive force when vacuuming. Please keep the force stable and push smoothly without tugging or pulling.

2. After laying a new carpet that has passed the quality inspection, some loose fibers would be coming off during vacuuming, which is a normal phenomenon. It will be improved after a period. In addition, wool carpets may shed even without vacuuming, which is a natural property of wool fibers.

3. Do not avoid vacuuming because of shedding, as it may increase the possibility of carpet contamination.

4. For long-pile carpets, adjust the force distance at the suction head to prevent fiber twisting and damage.

Professional Cleaning

| Hydrophilic Stains |

Fruit juice, carbonated beverage, coffee, tea, milk, blood stains, tomato juice and so on are hydrophilic stains. If the stain is immersed in a small area, you can cover it with a dry, absorbent white towel or tissue, then gently press it to absorb stain as much as possible. If the stain still exists, you should use a professional hydrophilic stain-remover to make it clear.

For example, if you accidentally spill coffee on the carpet, you can use a wet cloth or brush which is dipped in glycerin water to gently scrub and remove the stain. If the stain is not completely removed, you can use a detergent solution to wipe it off.

| Lipophilic Stains |

Chili oil, soy sauce, cream, ballpoint pen oil, nail polish, mascara, etc. are all lipophilic stains. Small scale stains can be removed as above. If the stain cannot be wiped, you need to use a professional oily stain-remover to clean.

For example, if you accidentally splash ink on the carpet, you can sprinkle a little salt on the ink and then use a wet cloth or brush dipped in a solution of laundry detergent to gently scrub and remove the stain.

| Pet Urine Stains |

Once pets have an "accident" on the carpet, the urine stains we see on the surface of the carpet may not be large, but the urine will penetrate along the carpet fiber, forming a large area of urine stains inside the wool fiber and on the bottom back. Regular cleaning can remove the surface urine stain marks, but it may not completely eliminate the smell of urine. Pets may continue to repeat the accident in the original location following the smell. Therefore, when there are multiple urine stains, it is recommended to ask professional cleaning services to remove the urine stain marks and thoroughly eliminate the urine odor.

Professional Maintenance

| Carpet Pad |

You can use a non-slip carpet pad under your carpet to keep it in place and add an extra layer of protection. It is recommended to use a carpet pad for all carpets which are placed over radiant heating floors.

| Maintenance |

New wool carpets will shed loose wool fibers or “fluff.” This shedding is a normal result of the carpet manufacturing process. Regular vacuuming will remove these fibers over time, usually within a few months to a year. Occasionally, yarn clusters will reach the surface of carpets due to normal wear and tear. Do not pull them out, simply trim the loose fibers with scissors.

| Steam Cleaning |

Regular vacuuming can remove most of dust from your carpet, effectively purifying the air. However, this cleaning method cannot thoroughly remove the deep-seated dirt and sticky residue on the carpet fibers. Based on the usage and color of your carpet, it is recommended to do steam clean every 12-18 months. Steam cleaning is recommended to completed with professional cleaning equipment or by a qualified carpet cleaning company.